October 30th, 2009 § 0 comments

I’ve been out of the studio for a while.  As you may know I bought my first house this year and that has kept me very busy.  I actually even rented out my own space in Studio-g2, figuring I wouldn’t have much time to paint.  Now that I’m getting settled in, I want to get back to creative stuff.  I have a show of paintings right now at the Starry Night Cafe in N Ferrisburgh, if you happen to be down that way.  I’m going to head down and have dinner and plan to hang two more pieces.  One is this tryptich here.

untitled tryptich, 2009, from "Shellacs"

untitled tryptich, 2009, from "Shellacs"

This collection is called “Shellac” as I took the largely black and white etudes and coated them with amber shellac.  The restaurant seems to be happy with the work and so I’m excited to bring them some more.

Interesting that Facebook seems to be grabbing my blog posts as “notes”…and I’m pretty sure I never set that up…like magic [???]

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