Liminal Thoughts :: Fall to Winter

November 12th, 2009 § 0 comments

croc and foliage from my roof

croc and foliage from my roof

The season of leaves past with a couple of rushes of wind around Halloween and the trees are now mostly bare.  That doesn’t stop me from remembering October with happiness.  I had a great staycation with CuJo and really was able to get a bunch done on the house.  The taste of satisfaction propels me into our impending winter with enthusiasm and hope.

I’ve not felt so excited about the winter season since my return to the east and move to VT in 2004.  Many of the goals that were set prior to that move have been met and newer unexpected goals and initiatives have also panned out.  Not that some good intentions came up short, but the overall plan has been a huge success and this November, I’m really trying to take stock and think back over the journey.

It would be senseless for me not to thank the many who’ve helped and supported me through the last five years.  Special thanks to Cujo, my mom and sister, to Propeller and NGA and to all of my friends in VT.



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