2013 fall update

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After some time off, I’m back to provide some updates. I’ve updated johngonter.com to be my home site for painting and mixed media art with a focus designed for fans and supporters. This site will be more broadly focused on sharing updates on music, Studio-G2 and its partners, and on life in general.

Toes in Atlantic in Indialantic, FL
Invigorating Sunday Sunrise


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Nordic Skiing with beats by Cut Chemist

Words, from a first time burner

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“To communities that bond the eccentricities of humanity against fear & scrape socialized accessories into swords that chisel people down to their childlike cores. To sleeping in the footprints of dinosaurs & laughing against the silhouette of turtle clouds. To supernovas but more importantly to the bright stars that stride next to us. To living (emphatically) to the point of tears. In short, to Black Rock City” — friend of FF~

mad word and mad love


Burning Man Return

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I had a great return to the playa last week. I am warmed by the gift of great people and good and crazy times.

Cacophony CD is now pretty much out of print. If you still need the CD version, there are a few at CDBaby.


apple v. the world

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While I’m widely known to be deep and long in Apple stuff, I like to think I’ve become this way for practical and aesthetic reasons. That said I’m no Apple evangelist. I will admit drawbacks and limitations in the products I own and use.

Since the release of the iPhone, I’ve followed the loudly vocal debate between the advocates of Apples approach and their many and varied opponents amongst technical literati, open source advocates and folks who just want something that Apple didn’t include. A few things seem notable, especially in light of this week’s debut of the iPad.

1. If the feature you want is not included, whatever that is, it can be hard to get over that. In my case, I’ve got devices and computing—well, covered. So with the iPad, I was interested, but I hardly was expecting myself to want one since there aren’t any “features” I feel I need, period. After thinking the iPad over, I’ll say I’m very interested.
2. If you can’t add kernel extensions, play FLAC files or set the default keyboard to dvorak, the thing is a failure.
3. I saw over a half dozen posts about the “dangerous threat” of Apple moving towards “closed,” such as the app store. “Computers were designed to be open…” Last time I checked, you can build a linux box for a weeks lunch money. No? Just because Apple wants to build devices with a controlled UI does not in any way cause you lose open computing. It’s just not what Apple does.
4. No flash? No comment, not worth the breath.
5. No upgradable parts? Why would that matter if the device can do what most users need it to? You can always design and build your own if you want/can.
6. Windows? Any current Macintosh computer is a viable PC, seems like we forget that. Not iPhone/iPad? Would you want Windows Mobile, really?
7. Again, if you want something Apple doesn’t provide, there are unlimited opportunities to buy, design or build what you want. Why is Apple bad for not building it the way you think it should be?
8. FUD. Somehow this is like telling me it’s the bartender’s fault I got drunk [which in many places in our country it is.] If you feel that Steve Jobs has brainwashed consumers into buying his under-featured, closed-sourced, limited, un-upgradable products against their best interests, shame on them for buying the stuff. I hold everyone responsible personally for anything they pulled the trigger on and bought. If Apple products don’t do what you need, don’t buy them.
9. Apple is way more expensive. This issue is subjective. If you don’t think the products are worth the money, no worries. In my case, I know how much time I spend in a Windows or Linux environment to accomplish what I do on a Mac. Macs do what I need best. That’s not you, just me.
10. Design, oh that?

new pictures of the little farmhouse in the hood

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I took all new picts around the place in December, 2009.

Click on the photo to go over the the slideshow page.

The Front Porch

The Front Porch

holidays :: yeah?

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can i say this one thing? the holidays often are the hardest and not always happiest time, but if you embrace the moment, face fear, you move forward for us all.

love life and expect it.



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The photo says it all, and yes, bike commuting does make it easy to stop and “see the forest for the trees!”

Fall commute, lakeside 11/10/2009

Fall commute, lakeside 11/10/2009

Liminal Thoughts :: Fall to Winter

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croc and foliage from my roof

croc and foliage from my roof

The season of leaves past with a couple of rushes of wind around Halloween and the trees are now mostly bare.  That doesn’t stop me from remembering October with happiness.  I had a great staycation with CuJo and really was able to get a bunch done on the house.  The taste of satisfaction propels me into our impending winter with enthusiasm and hope.

I’ve not felt so excited about the winter season since my return to the east and move to VT in 2004.  Many of the goals that were set prior to that move have been met and newer unexpected goals and initiatives have also panned out.  Not that some good intentions came up short, but the overall plan has been a huge success and this November, I’m really trying to take stock and think back over the journey.

It would be senseless for me not to thank the many who’ve helped and supported me through the last five years.  Special thanks to Cujo, my mom and sister, to Propeller and NGA and to all of my friends in VT.




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